ASIYAH's Charity Soccer Tournament

Soccer brings people together and is a source of joy, cohesion, and passion. At ASIYAH, we want to promote this and combine it with a good cause. To this end, we have planned several sporting events, including a charity soccer tournament.

The first tournament will take place in cooperation with the “Verein für Jugendsozialarbeit und Jugendkulturförderung Rhein-Main e.V.” on 08.07.2023 in Egelsbach.

On this day, the focus is not only on having fun but also on providing information about the situation in Togo and our projects.

All the income generated from this goes 100% to our orphanage project in Togo. You will help to improve the lives of orphans and give them a chance of a better future.

Whether you take part as a participant, sponsor or supporter, your commitment and generosity will help to support the orphanage and provide the children with a loving home.

Become an orphan sponsor

Do you want to support a child in the long term and become an orphan sponsor? We have summarized all the information about orphan sponsorship for you here: