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    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Your question is not listed? Feel free to contact us via our email .

    Where and how can I have a well built?

    To see in which countries we offer well construction, go to the menu under "International - Well Construction". Here You also have the opportunity to have a well built for You or Your loved ones.

    How can I become a godparent?

    Um eine Patenschaft zu übernehmen, schreibe eine formlose Mail an oder nutze den „Pate werden“-Button hier auf der Website unter

    Du erhältst eine umfangreiche Auskunft über das Patentschafts-Projekt und hast die Möglichkeit, Deine Fragen zu stellen und Wünsche sowie Vorstellungen zu äußern. Im Anschluss auf deine Anfrage erhältst du einen Patenschaftsvertrag.

    Durch deine Patenschaft wird das Schicksal eines (Waisen-) Kindes nachhaltig und dauerhaft zum Positiven verändert.

    How can I participate in the homeless feeding program?

    So far, the homeless feeding program is taking place in three cities: Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. If You live in or around one of these cities and would like to help cook or distribute food on a regular basis, please contact us by email or phone:

    Berlin, 0178 1860490

    Frankfurt am Main, 0157 34425175

    Munich, 0178 2082706

    How can I set up a homeless feeding program in my city?

    First of all, we are very happy that You would like to start our heart project in your city! Please feel free to contact us by mail at Together with the experienced team from Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, and Munich You will set up the homeless feeding program in your city.

    What types of membership are available?

    There are three types of membership: the supporting membership, the extraordinary membership, and the ordinary membership.

    In the context of supporting membership You support us financially with monthly membership fees. Depending on Your capacity and availability, we would also be very happy if You support us as a volunteer at the homeless feeding, bake sales, events, and more.

    As an extraordinary member, You will be directly involved in one or more of our committees, contributing your knowledge, skills and ideas. You will attend internal meetings, events, members' meeting, and more. After a six-month probationary period, You will have the opportunity to become an ordinary member.

    As an ordinary member, You will work 4-6 hours per week on at least one committee and will take on at least one administrative role. You will have active voting rights in leadership elections, structural matters, internal decisions, and more. You also have the opportunity to take on a leadership position.

    If You have any further questions regarding Your membership, please feel free to contact us at

    How can I can get in touch with you?

    You can reach us by mail, phone and e-mail:

    ASIYAH – Gemeinsam Aktiv e. V.
    P.O. Box 70 01 47
    60551 Frankfurt am Main

    +49 1763240 4803

    What is the role of the Ethics Council?

    Die Aufgaben des Ethikrates sind es, sich mit ethischen Fragen im Rahmen unserer Arbeit sowie mit Anliegen, die unsere Mitglieder betreffen, zu beschäftigen. Zudem ist es ihre Aufgabe, regelmäßig Workshops zu diesen und weiteren Themen, die uns beschäftigen und bewegen zu halten und die Einhaltung unserer Werte in unserer Arbeit und unseren Projekten sicherzustellen.

    How can I become a member?

    You can do that directly here on the website by clicking on "Membership" in the "Join us" menu. Alternatively, you can send us an email to stating whether you would like to become a supporting or extraordinary member. If you have the ability and interest to actively participate in the work of the organization as an extraordinary member, please send us a resume and a short letter of motivation outlining your knowledge and experience, enabling us to assign you to appropriate areas of work.

    Can I also donate via Paypal?

    Ja, Du kannst Deine Spenden auch über PayPal an uns schicken. Nutze hierfür bitte die Option „An Freunde senden“, um 100 % Eurer Spenden an zu senden. Oder direkt über Achtet zudem bitte darauf, den auf dem Flyer vorzufindenden Verwendungszweck bzw. „Verwaltung“, „Zakaat“, „Fidya“ für Projekt-abhängige  Spendenmöglichkeiten mitanzugeben.

    Do you issue donation receipts?

    Yes. To receive a donation receipt for your donation, please send an email to and include your first and last name, the donation date, the donation amount, and the payment method (PayPal, Commonsplace, or bank transfer).

    Alternatively, you can easily request the receipt here .

    Please note that the issuance may take up to 2 weeks.

    Can I pay my Zakaat with you?

    Yes, You can establish Your Zakaat with us. Please make sure to specify in the purpose of payment that it is for Zakaat, so that we can allocate the amount according to the guidelines and purposes.

    Can I pay my Fidya with you?

    Yes, the Fidya can also be established with us. On our Ramadan flyer, you can see the amount of this. Depending on when your Fidya is received by us, the feeding of the needy will be carried out either during or after Ramadan.

    What percentage of the donations go into your administration?

    We run our projects with 100% of the donated funds, which means that no percentage of the donated funds goes to our administration.

    How do you manage the administrative costs?

    We have three sources of income for our donations. Spendengelder.

    First, the membership fees of the organization members, which are 5€, 10€, or voluntary contribution starting from 10€ per month. Second, through donations made explicitly for the administration and third, through events and cake/food sales.