Well Construction

The scarcity of drinking water is increasingly threatening regions around the world. Water, which is a fundamental human right, is becoming scarcer for those who already have little. According to the United Nations Environment Programme's report in 2020, in Gaza alone, 97% of the water is contaminated and therefore not drinkable due to Israel's blockade. This has led to catastrophic conditions, as approximately 25% of diseases in Gaza are caused by the contaminated water.

In many other countries with particularly hot weather conditions, residents also face tremendous challenges. They often have to traverse dangerous areas, carrying heavy loads and enduring significant sun exposure on their way back. It is not uncommon for children to take on this task, walking barefoot and carrying liters of water. However, this ordeal does not guarantee access to clean drinking water. Moreover, numerous wells are either dysfunctional or contaminated, leading to waterborne illnesses for those who consume this water.

With your support in well construction, we alleviate the burden on people, especially in hard-to-reach regions, and provide them with access to clean and flowing drinking water.


Number of built wells