Education on an international scale

Education is still in many countries of the global South not a matter of course for a large part of the population. Often, education is one of the first aspects to fall short and compromises are made when it comes to securing basic needs such as food, caring for the sick and weak of the family, or educating younger family members.

Free public and municipal educational facilities are usually in need of renovation, high-risk and harmeful conditions due to lack of financial resources. This often leads to collapses, instability of buildings, which result in injuries and deaths of students. In addition to the inadequate premises, there is an immense shortage of teachers, as financial savings lead to uncertain and inadequate wage payments, causing teachers to prefer to teach in private schools. Depending on the weather, classes have to be cancelled due to lack of equipment and electricity. As a result, it is not uncommen for students to be out of school for several months and to lose themselves in the job market in those months. Sending them back to the educational institution means one less source of income for their families. Very few families are willing or able to afford this "loss". 

With your support, it is possible for us to create safe educational institutions for students and ensure them a basic education. Education is the first step out of the cycle of poverty, and a solid foundation in education provides personal development opportunities and promotes both physical and mental security, which are fundamental human rights..