ASIYAH e.V. aims to proactively shape social life. Especially within our diverse ASIYAH community with over 16 nationalities, we support each other in identity formation. We achieve this primarily through raising awareness about various global political issues, as well as sensitizing people to disadvantaged groups that are often overlooked.

We want to create a meeting place for all people, regardless of origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation, to ensure an exchange within the community. This exchange is essential for mutual acceptance between people with and without a history of migration. In addition, we aim to make a supportive contribution to strengthening joint volunteer work in order to consolidate intercultural and social skills.

This is implemented through our regional projects in retirement homes, feeding the homeless and volunteer work in refugee shelters. We create understanding, the necessary empowerment and also educational workshops and seminars, which are designed and implemented by the team.

For many volunteers and members, the association not only provides an opportunity to help others but also creates a safe space for all individuals affected by racism and discrimination. What we have already implemented internally within ASIYAH, we now seek to share with others and assist them in strengthening their personal sense of identity and belonging through knowledge exchange and empowerment programs.