ASIYAH plants

To make the world a more sustainable place, we have initiated a very special project called "Asiyah plants". Through this project, children can plant fruit trees in front of their orphanages and live more sustainably by benefiting from the harvested fruits. This project makes a significant contribution to the environment, as the cultivation of larger areas not only ensures cleaner air but also helps preserve biodiversity.

In Togo, we have already planted many trees together with children, as numerous orphanages are located on unused land. This not only helps reduce the import of fruits and vegetables to Togo but also allows children to participate in agriculture from a young age.

Ultimately, this tree-planting initiative can help reduce the mass migration to cities, which is an economic problem in Togo. The children in orphanages can use the planted trees and the fruits they yield for their own consumption or sell them during the harvest season, creating an additional source of income for the orphanage. 

You can personalize your planted tree with your name or dedicate it to your loved ones! 
Support our heartfelt project and enable orphaned children to have a sustainable and better future!

Ein kleines Kind grabt ein Loch in die Erde, um eine Pflanze einzupflanzen. Das Projekt "ASIYAH pflanzt" wird gerade umgesetzt.