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In the year 2022

The reasons for homelessness are diverse in nature. No one should have to choose vital needs such as food, hygiene, shelter, and safety at the expense of their health and dignity. 

For the dignity of every human being is inviolable. 

Every person has the right to shelter and privacy.

These are human rights, recognized and enshrined as such in the Charter of the United Nations. 

People without shelter are in need of assistance, regardless of where they are in the world. Unfortunately, they often do not receive the support they require. As a result, they are often overlooked or seen as less deserving of basic human rights. 

While we can't directly solve the problem of homelessness, we aim to reduce the precarious conditions in Germany through our projects and, to some extent, provide a more dignified life for the homeless. We also strive to bring a sense of joy and hope to those affected. Therefore, ASIYAH sees it as its responsibility to care for the needy and recognize them as part of our society. 

Homelessness in urban areas is alarmingly high and often associated with personal hardships and substance abuse. It is crucial that homeless individuals are not forgotten in light of these circumstances. 

With this in mind, we from ASIYAH have a clear objective: 

We provide homeless people, on a weekly basis with a fresh and nourishing meal, as well as beverages and desserts. Our dedicated volunteers gather in spaces provided by various communities for this purpose. They prepare delicious dishes using ingredients purchased fresh every week. We place great importance on using high-quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced meal. 

The homeless feeding program consistently receives a positive response from the people it serves. However, we also look forward to giving back to the community each week, and we warmly welcome new volunteers to join our team! 

Our schedules for the homeless meal distributions


Every Saturday

From 15-18
Helene-Vessel-Bogen 29
80939 Munich

Frankfurt a. M.

Every Saturday

Austeilen ab 14:30 Uhr
Niddastr. 49
60329 Frankfurt


Every Saturday

Distribution starts at 12:30
at the Zoological Garden
10787 Berlin