Through child sponsorship, you can accompany and support your sponsored child on all paths of life: the first school backpack, the first own football or the first own doll. All the things that are self-evident and available to us at any time remain distant dreams and wishes for these children. Through sponsorship, you can change the child's life in the long term. Currently, our sponsorship program takes place in Afghanistan and Togo. Access to food, medicine, and education can be made easier for them through you, and they can once again do what they love most - being a child.

With a small monthly amount of 50 € , you can improve the future of one of these children. Include Your friends or family members and pool the amount together! Everyone can contribute a small part to give a sponsored child in Afghanistan or Togo a perspective.

The identities of the sponsored children or families will only be disclosed after the sponsorship application has been submitted. Apply today for your sponsorship on our website and become part of our project!

To do this, send us the completed and signed sponsorship application to the following email address: patenschaften@asiyah.net (please do not send by post anymore!)

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!

Your email address will not be shared with third parties. 

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