Emergency Aid/ Crisis Packages

People in developing countries live below the poverty line. Their access to assistance is further hindered by food shortages, sanctions, war, and disease. There is a particular risk during environmental disasters accompanied by travel bans. Therefore, it has become the special mission of our team at ASIYAH to support them, especially in these difficult times. Through our emergency aid packages, we swiftly gather donations and can provide fast and targeted assistance. Your donations make it possible for us to create food packages for those in need, supporting victims of war attacks, environmental disasters, or other crises.

With the food packages, families can be supplied with food for a month, ensuring their survival. While their basic right to access essential goods is guaranteed, a sense of dignity is also restored to them. Thanks to your donations, we have already achieved significant success during the COVID-19 pandemic. In countries like Togo, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Bangladesh, we were able to provide families with sustenance for a month or even longer.

With just 35 € , we were able to provide people with essential food supplies for a month.

In the year 2020, ASIYAH International e. V. distributed crisis packages in:

  • Gaza
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Togo

They were provided as follows: 

  • 10 kg of rice
  • 25 kg of flour 
  • 5 kg of sugar 
  • 5 liters of oil 
  • 1 pack of tea 
  • 3 bars of soap

Depending on the region, additional typical (basic) food items are included. 

In total, over 345 families for one month were provided with food. Help us continue to achieve such goals by supporting us.